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Saint Lucia

Public Procurement in Saint Lucia is overseen by the Minister of Finance through the Office of the Director of Finance. All government agencies perform the procurement function as guided by the Minister of Finance as directed through the Director of Finance. This framework is currently undergoing a reform process aimed at modernizing and improving our capacity to deliver required public services. As these reforms progress and materialize we shall provide updates to this website as well as our official channels.

For additional details please visit: https://www.finance.gov.lc/

Contact us at: public.procurement@govt.lc

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Existing Authorities

According to our procurement and stores regulations, “The Minister may, issue directions for the procurement of goods and services by tender or by direct purchase”

The procurement and stores regulations also set out the following authorities.

The Central Tenders Board has the authority to approve all tenders.

A Departmental Tenders board has the authority to approve all tenders not exceeding $100,000.

Goods, works and services not exceed $50,000 (or any such amount as authorised by the Director of Finance) may be authorised by the Accounting Officer.


The existing legislative framework:

The Finance Administrative Act (PDF), Chapter 15.01 (Act 3 of 1997) The following Regulations are contained within the Finance Administration Act:

  • The Financial Regulations
  • The Procurement and Stores Regulations

The Procurement and Stores Regulations are soon to be repealed and replaced by the Procurement and Asset Disposal Act.


The Director of Finance under the authority granted by the Procurement and Stores Regulations to the Finance Administration Act has issued Procurement Guidelines (PDF) to assist the procurement function in agencies.

Additionally instructive circulars issued by the Director of Finance give further guidance to agencies to address specific areas of concern.

User manuals issued by the Accountant General guide agencies in issuing purchase orders, receiving deliveries of goods and performing the payables aspect of the procurement process which has to be done via the financial system.

Procurement Opportunities

Information on existing Procurement opportunities can be accessed at https://in-tendhost.co.uk/goslprocurement/aspx/Home


Reports on Contract awards, Procurement performance statistics to be provided soon.

Case Studies

Not available as yet.